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Fragdown : From CSX to CFX

According to the recent strings of informations that the community received from Smilegate (CrossfireX developers) and to the decryption work effected by the fans from all around the globe, it is pretty much safe to say that the game will be released in the very upcoming days. What a journey!

During this time, some people practiced, some other discussed about how they wanted the game to be or include on launch day, and some even discovered the color of the sun! Here at Fragdown, we have done all the three but more importantly, we decided to bring back the team with the goal to etablish the same dominance we once a time had on Counter-Strike Xbox. Based on the experience that we have accumulated through all these years, we already know that you will hear about us in the near future!

Beyond the strenght of our mission, Fragdown is also aiming to develop the game with bringing content - exclusively related to CrossfireX -, organizing events, and so creating a stable base for every competitors and maintaining it for the longest time possible.

In order to make this happen, we have gathered some of the very best and most titled CSX players (Ematic, Rshot and Reazox) with long time Xbox Live friends (Slynate and Saytiz) to ensure making the most comfortable start. It has been a difficult task to pick between all those talented players interested to join the adventure but for the first time since FD exists, the decision of constituating a team of french speakers only has been taken and we have no doubts that it will be something positive, as much for optimal in-game communications as to solidify the bonds.

For more information, you can visit our CrossfireX EU dedicated page at :


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