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Interview #1 with canine and FnkZ

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Dear fraggers, that's a world trip we have started! After Russia with the presentation of IMETATOR, CFX Arena is now visiting the warm sand of Brazil. Meanwhile more announces from Smilegate West regarding their long awaited Crossfire X game and ever hungry to bring you more content to canalize your nerves, we have proposed to Canine and FnkZ to join us today for an interview.

They will describe us their vision of the game and narrate us how they see things on a short, mid, and long term.


Hello Canine, hello FnkZ, I am very pleased you accepted the invitation to let us know more about you. Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Canine : Hello, my name is Jobert aka Canine, I am Brazilian, I am 20 years old, I am a businessman and a great competition enthusiast since I was a child and I had the dream of being a football player. Thanks for the invitation, I am very happy to see what you have done to increase the community of a game that we all have no idea how it's going to work, maybe the developers should learn from CFX Arena on what it is like to be committed. I believe that if they did or demonstrated better what they want for the game it would be much better for everyone.

FnkZ : Hello, it is a pleasure to be in this interview, and I am grateful for the invitation. My name is Guilherme Fonseca, better known as FnkZ, I am 20 years old, I live in Brazil, I am a student and I have always played competitively on Xbox! I currently play the PUBG competitor on Xbox, I have already had tickets in other games like Warface, CSX, Battlefield 4 and some Call of Duty which I also played competitively.

2/ What are your respective backgrounds into the competition through the different games you have played?

Canine : I started to be a competitive player in bo2, when I started training to improve my games every day. I remember when I got my first nuke it was one of the best feelings in the world, because at that moment everyone in the match was being destroyed by me. After that I played battlefield 4, and then I met FnkZ, we were from different teams, and in that game I managed to be among the best, being a champion of 6 ESL and more than 25 national and international amateur championships. After that, with the Battle Royale wave, I was not very interested in any game, what I spent the most of time on was apex but the game had no competition scenario so with the time I letted it go.

FnkZ : I started playing on Xbox very young, first on the Xbox 360 Warface game in 2012 when I was 12 years old and since then I have improved with the games I played trying to always improve. Concerning Warface, I played on the NA server in a top 8 team, "organized cha0s", we played CF's 5vs5, then I moved to Battlefield 4 in 2015, where I competed for [aD] (After Death eSports) and other teams known in the scene and always played against the best teams and players. I was three-time 8v8 champion and played many finals in the 5v5 championships. After that, in 2017 I migrated to CSX (Counter-Strike Xbox) where I played in H4M4S and DynamiX Gaming with who we won 5 championships in the South America region and qualified for the CSX Global Tournament. After the CSX era, I migrated to PUBG in 2020 where I had prominence and good moments in teams like NoG Serious Gaming Brasil, ParabelluM Gamingand other great teams where I won several championships. At the end of 2019, I took a chance on the COD MW scenario, in which my team and I reached the quarter-finals of a championship and qualified for the Arena On LAN championship, an event that happened here in Brazil, in São Paulo. Unfortunately we did not participate due to the passing problems of some players on our team. After that, in 2020, I went back to the PUBG scene, which I still play at the moment, and I hope to migrate to CrossfireX when the game is released.

3/ For how long are you waiting for Crossfire X, what are the reasons this particular game caught your attention and do you think CFX will buzz at it's release?

Canine : I am particularly waiting for this game since I stopped with bf4, it is an old school fps, an huge one on PC, the fps that was the most played in the world. Anyone who is a fps enthusiast knows the greatness of this announcement. The game caught my attention for going on the tide against what we had of launches, for having the possibility to go back to the good old 5v5 days and also the possibility of a huge competitive scenario. If we take as an example your older brother "Crossfire AL", we can expect great tournaments and competitions. I believe that if the game is focused on what really attracts audiences, it will be one of the most played games on the Xbox, and will generate an absurd hype.

FnkZ : I'm looking forward to CFX, as it was announced in 2019, and played the beta. This game caught my attention because, as a huge fan of the Crossfire title, my essence in competitive games has always been the famous 5vs5 style, so I believe CrossfireX will be a great game for the Xbox franchise in the future, competitively speaking.

4/ Do you believe this game has it's place into the Esports console scene, and why so?

Canine : Yes, I totally believe that this game has to be focused on how far a player and a team can go from themselves in a match, I believe that the scenario today of competitions on Xbox is lacking in fps with big tournaments. On PC, we have CS: GO, on Playstation we have CoD which is huge even for professional competition parameters, including Activision who has an exclusivity contract for their competitions, so we do not see any official 5v5 tournament on PC and Xbox, where we don't have any games focused on competitions.

FnkZ : Certainly! With the growth of Esports, I don’t see a Crossfire title without a competitive scenario, and as CrossfireX being exclusive to the Xbox I really hope to have events and championships held by the Xbox itself, with amateur and professional championships. You can be sure that we, in the community, we will do our part in promoting events and that, as soon as we have the game. However, I also hope the development team will be able to promote championships and events to the entire global Xbox community!

5/ I will now bring up a subject that can not be avoided, settings and options. For so many years on console developers apply what I call the "all-or-nothing principle". As a player, I know very well how frustrating is it to start a game and not being able to change very basic options such as the acceleration when little budget games give you the possibility to change everything, from the FOV to the mappable buttons. What are your expectations and what do you consider a must-have as soon Crossfire X is available?

Canine : The essentials for the game are good control settings in general, a sensitivity that you have the possibility to adjust as you see fit, Apex is a good example of how the settings of a game should be, you are free to adjust the gameplay the way you want it. In my opinion, what differentiates the good settings from the bad settings is the freedom you have to configure your joystick.

FnkZ : I have good expectations and I believe that the developers are doing a good job. As a console player for several years, each game I played adapted me, because each one had a different mechanics, sensitivity, movement, and that for us who play the controller is something that varies a lot from game to game. On PC you can go to through websites and the same DPI and sensitivity from one game to another. After playing the CrossfireX beta, I saw that there were not a lot of options for sensitivity, acceleration and customization of targeting, as this is a beta that is understandable, but when the final version of the game is released it will be essential to have the biggest range of possible choices for the general customization, acceleration, crosshair color, as well as the crosshair size and other details that cannot be missing in my opinion.

6/ We can easily believe that you already have full squad ready so what are your ambitions, for how long do you play together and do you think organizations from the world will keep an eye on Crossfire X?

Canine : Certainly, the team we form today is a mix of different games champions, where players were at a level above the others. Insany (a member of the team) for example won several championships in the R6, even competing for LAN. In my opinion, the game has everything to attract investments from orgs and championships platforms. I can mention the Black Dragons that are champions and a well known team on Crossfire that have already shown interest in investing in competitive teams as soon as the game is released and establish themselves in the competitive scene.

FnkZ : My friends and I have known each other since 2015, we have already played against each other in Battlefield 4 and I have already lost to some hahahahhaha. And after everyone has known each other for a long time, I have a good feeling. Everyone has the luggage to be where we are, so I believe that because these guys and I have a lot of experience in playing in Brazil, some having played ESL's, qualified for LAN events and for several semi-professional championships that each player won and was successful. I believe we will be a good team. And I think the main objective of our team is to stand out in Brazil, and become the bests in South America so that we can raise international events in the future.

7/ Do you believe that an old-school platform like this one, specialized into a particular game, still have the potential to federate a solid community throught the years?

Canine : With absolute certainty yes, what you are doing is something impressive for the parameters that we have, in my point of view, a game without this type of platform cannot have a community gathering fans, players and teams.

FnkZ : I think so, totally! My friend Ematic and his team are doing an excellent job! And as we are all from the old guard going together to the CFX scene, we will share a lot of experience to help new players, whether generating content on YouTube, and streaming, I think all this content will always be welcome in the community and will be benefit thing for everyone.

Thanks a lot for the time given, I really hope to have the occasion to meet you as soon as possible on the game and see you achieve your goals! I still have a last question, what are your favorite soccer team?

Canine : Lol, this question will make me and FnkZ break our friendship, I cheer for São Paulo, the biggest Brazilian team without any contrary argument, the team of Kaka, Raí and Rogério Ceni!

FnkZ : Hahahahahaha I cheer for Corinthians the last team that Ronaldo passed before retiring, who won the 2012 FIFA Clubs World Cup against Chelsea!

Canine : Yeah, they won 2 times the club World Cup, but we won 3 times by the way!

Okey, okey guys, we still need you for more content so please avoid to break up right now! Once again, thanks for your participation, it was a real pleasure!


Tell us if your prefer vocal interview in the future, and who would you like to see here for the next one!

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Mar 30, 2021

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