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We're partnering up with IMETATOR


You have read it right, CFX Arena is proud to announce it's collaboration with IMETATOR, a leader in the motherland on everything related to Crossfire!

With the constant objectif to satisfy the reason of our establishment, CFX Arena couldn't miss the opportunity to work with this passionate and most likely, one of the biggest Crossfire franchise fan in the world.

While we knew a bit about this man before, Pacha "IMETATOR" Lougov and us met recently and quickly started discussions about Crossfire X, especially over the community side. Useless to say that talking about this game and creating links with fans all around the world is always a pleasure!

The conversation continuing, and a few google translations later, we have been happily surprised to see how much efforts he putted to share his enthusiasm about the title and decided to tell him more about our projects, the main one being to gather a maximum of people of quality into this platform to promote in the best way the competitive CFX scene. Quality people produce quality content and Pacha is the type of person we were looking for.

With these remarks, and ever accompanied of a translator you can already visit his VK page (russian Facebook) where a ton of informations are available - - and more to come for years to come!

You can also see his videos at

Meanwhile the game comes out, do not hesitate to let us know with who would you like to see a partnership and we will do our maximum to direct that!

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