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What is happening with CFX Arena?

Ladies and gentlemen,

You have very probably noticed the new appearance of the website and could not recognize CFX Arena. Eveything is normal, you are completely fine.

It has been a really hard decision but we have decided to close it, not that we do not believe in the project nor the game but because we are encountering a difficult staffing situation leading us to not to not being able to ensure and propose every features we advertised during our private discussions concerning the platform. It is hundreds of hours and sleepless nights vanishing but we prefer that than giving false promises or false hopes. It is not how we do things here. We are profundly sorry for this announce and we are hoping you will understand the decision as much as you will forgive us.

That being said, we are still planning to support Crossfire X from the scratch to it is end but with another name and without being the premier provider of the organisation of competitive events as long other platforms or developers will take of it, which is in the end letting us a greater flexibility to help promoting it to other spheres if other communities or any sort of serious project appears.

You will find at this link more informations about Fragdown, what is our vision, and what are our plans for Crossfire X.

We sincerely hope to see each one of you very soon!

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