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Welcome to Fragdown, the premier Xbox organization competing on non-AAA games for a decade. Old-school, classic, fast and arena are our genres. And we are kings at it.

At Fragdown we have an unique vision to see the gaming, and that is saying something. The advent of the Esports has undeniable democratized the competition, especially on console where an extremely important part of the players could not even move their both sticks at the same time not later than ten years ago. It is a good thing but it has also canibalized every other multiplayer titles that a lot of people enjoyed. We are a part of these people, that plays games because they like it, or because they are as much if not more skilled than the other ones, or because the social aspect or the feeling of being a part of a community is important.

Throughout the years and the releases, we have waited for this big organization coming and giving a chance to the players and to other games to grow but since, we have understood that it will never be the case again. In the meantime, we have continued to gain experience and trust the firsts places, as much individually than as a team onto leaderboards or events on several Xbox games. Our reputation talks for itselfs on these titles, we were and always be remembered.

Today, we want to put what we achieved in the past to the benefit of every communities that are not supported by their developers or by any platforms. We want to be this team that show that with a bit of work, a bit of time, a bit of money, but mainly with a lot of love we can make things change and inspire other players to federate a real community with creating more stable teams or attract bigger ones.

Even if there are still no new fast, arena or class based FPS announced, the near future is bright and exciting with the coming of Crossfire X this year. We definitively have our eyes on this title and will sign our come back once it is available all while helping to promote it with all the means at our disposal.


Fragdown is more than a team, it is a community of passionated staying loyal to their roots.

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