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Community Manager

As community manager, you will be regularly interacting with our members. With your finger on the community's pulse, you will track and surface hot topics discussed within relevant platforms (including our forum), and collaborate with our other volunteer teams as the principal link between the platform and the players. Another important part of the role will be to monitor relevant social media channels and create regular content such as news or announces.


You will contribute to the overall development of Fragdown strategies and plans with managing the communications between teams, motivating and supporting staff to deliver high quality work and will have an active role in implementing marketing and external communication activities.

Media Manager

As part of our efforts to promote the competitive Crossfire X scene, we are also hiring for a Media manager mindful of the image we will project trought the differents sources of content available on the website and our social networks, ready to coordinate actions with our team members and partners, and hungry to search for talented streamers and youtubers.


We are are searching for Hosts to animate our weekly radio program. Your mission will be to talk, alongside your guests, about the scene, the game and what's hot around for a lenght of 30-45 minutes. You are a hardcore player before everything and know the interesting subjects of the moment to elaborate your roadmap before the show.

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