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A few welcomed additions (Weapon & Map preview trailer)

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Hello fellow fraggers, before everything we would like to wish you an happy new year and we hope that you will be successful into all of your projects.

As you have probably already seen yesterday, a new video has been posted on the game's YouTube channel, and to be very honest with you it is the first time since August that we, at Fragdown, really liked the content in it. Even if we appreciated the effort from Smilegate to show up at The Game Awards, not having any multiplayer sneak peeks but more importantly knowing that the game would be delayed once again was a deception for many. Seeing them reposting the same trailer (but with including written informations related to the lore this time) on December 29th could have been a fateful hit to us. But no, the team kept their mood with delivering us a third video since December 10th, and the first of this year! The numbers speak for themselves.

First, thanks to the differents teams that works for the game to finally have shown a few things that the community waited for, and some extras additions that we will also take with pleasure! Even if we are still far from the level of Spielberg in term of editing, what interests us is the substance rather than the form so it clearly has been something reassuring us. Rather than seeing this video presented to us as trailer, we take it as the Dev Update #2 we did not receveid yet. We obviously would have loved to see this kind of things throught all the process of the game creation, it would have been a game changer for the fans in panic as much as a possible way to attract new ones. Nothing more really was asked but we cannot rewrite history, eh.

At first sight, nothing extraordinary. A player shooting at the walls, maybe to show a difference of pattern. An ennemy named Name2671 running around Black Widow and GR Tower as an headless chicken. No new weapons. No new maps. Okey, we got the idea, so why this sudden interest from the fans? As said above, and we are going to develop it a bit more now, the principal quality of this update was to actually show the changes and the additions the develoment team as brang to the multiplayer section of CFX, which are the following ones :

  • New voice :

  • Weaponry customization with Charms (here, a bullet) :

  • Gold skull indicator (probably if you kill all opponents) :

  • Hitting target sound modified :

  • Round information tab after dying :

  • And last but not least... CROSSHAIR CUSTOMIZATION :

In short, these QoLs are great news. It is a really good thing to know that the devs brang a few things we really were asking for (the crosshair customization more specifically). If we are authorised to be a bit greedy, we would just like to add that, maybe, a last video or even screenshots teasing a new map or two before February 10th in order to compensate the lack of informations and so, the huge frustration we all felt while waiting for the game would definitively solidify the relation between the loyal fans and the different teams working for the game and start this new era in the best of the manners.


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