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The final countdown for CrossfireX has begun

CrossfireX is definitively ready! On this February 1st, the team behind the game finally shows a little bit more of what is awaiting us for the d-day. Here is a brief recap of the recent message posted today on their Twitter page and informations captured direclty troughout the Microsoft Store.

First, the exclusive content. As the majority of the free-to-play (but not necessary) games launching today, CFX propose us different sets of items and buffs included into a variety of pack rewarding it's most loyal fans.

Nothing crazy when we look at it, but it must be taken as a serious compliment! Indeed, Smilegate with this title starts on the right foot with completely avoiding the pay-to-win path they have seem to take on their first opus. We do have skins, we do have experience & in game currency buffs, and that is just enough to make of it something interesting to get.

CrossfireX Originator's Package (9.99€)

  • Gordon (character)

  • AUSTEYR-88 Desert (weapon skin)

  • EXP Boost (30%) during 3 days

CrossfireX Founder's Package (14.99€)

  • Knox (character)

  • SC-556 Pearl Craft (weapon skin)

  • 500 CFP

  • EXP Boost (30%) during 7 days

  • GP Boost (30%) during 7 days

CrossfireX Ultimate Package (24.99€ until Feb 10 / 29.99€)

  • CrossfireX: Operation Catalyst (campaign)

  • CrossfireX: Operation Spectre (campaign)

  • GATLING GUN Gold Wing

  • Battle Pass membership (Season 1)

To be completely honest, if you are short on money because you had to buy some stuff to prepare the coming of CFX, or even better, took holidays or left your job to grind it and has enough funds to only get one and exclusively play the multiplayer, we recommand you to buy the Founder's Package. You will find in this one a character + a weapon skin, some credits obtainable in exchange of real money (the conversion has yet to be known), and a 30% EXP/GP boost for a lenght of 7 days. Good to get ahead from your rivals!

It is also worth to notice that Operation Catalyst will be free for Game Pass owners so if you like the lore, nothing prevent you to grab other parts of the campaign at a later moment.

Our only regret is that superior packs do not include the previous ones, which is a common thing and does not offer some types of in game titles.

Also, you can preload CFX right now and make sure to jump on the game as fast as possible on February 10. To do so, you need yo go onto your Xbox App and type CrossfireX on the search bar, then you will be proposed to start the download on your console. This build is only 7.9 Go, in comparison the beta was 5.9 Go. The full game, as far as we know, will be 54.3 Go.

We are sincerely sorry for the little delay concerning this news but the practice on CF made things a bit more complicated to manage. Meanwhile we have more informations to share, take care.

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Feb 04, 2022

Man I can’t believe we are so close to launch at this point. Just thinking I got back in the grind for CSX just 50 some days ago in December when the release date was announced back at the TGA‘s in an awesome party chat with you and others to now less than 5 days away. It’s crazy. We are all about to accomplish our goals to be the top CFX players in our regions and show up and show out. This article not only hyped me up but wants the 9th/10th to come soon. As always good job Ematic, a very good read. Till then take care and see you on the battlefield friend.

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