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CrossfireX @ Gamescom : Recap

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen,

That is it for CrossfireX at Gamescom and what a week! The moment we were all wishing for finally happened and even if we did not get any dates or an estimated time for the game to release, Smilegate opened it's heart and this truely is what matters the most, at least to us.

The Smilegate show did started on Wednesday the 25th of August (GMT) with a long awaited new tweet incorporating a Multiplayer Map trailer that displayed maps we already knew before, either from the beta (Black Widow, GR Tower and Laboratory) or since the dev update #1 (Invasion, Babylon Lab and Babylon), with the exception of Transportship and Submarine. Just a few minutes later, IGN did uploaded a longered trailer.

After looking at it a few times, we have noticed that Transportship is the CrossfireX version for Ship from Crossfire HD. If it is a bit disapointing to only see a remake (which to the contrary will satisfy original Crossfire players), we have discovered that TDM may be a part of the game. Even if we are, at Fragdown, exclusively interested to put our focus on the 5v5 Classic mode, being able to warm up when we are launching the game or keep the muscle memory on point between two sessions is definitively something we appreciate.

There is not too much to say concerning Submarine at the exeption that it is once again a remake from the original CF, playable with the Melee mode, which is also and yet to be announced. We are not going to lie, this is not something that passionate us too much but there is at least a good thing to take out of this. Under water encounters could be possible and we are truely excited to see how does it plays. If you ever feel the need to discover more about this map and this mode, please click here.

For ease of understanding, we have made you a list of every maps and modes we know so far.


  • Black Widow - Classic PTB + Modern

  • GR Tower - Modern TDM

  • Laboratory - Spectre


  • Invasion - Spectre

  • Babylon Lab - Infection

  • Babylon - 15 versus 15, Control Points


  • Transportship - TDM (TBA)

  • Submarine - Melee mode (TBA)


On Thursday the 26th of August (GMT), Smilegate came a new time with their second tweet and we immediately understood that they probably would not stop here! Onto this post, they explain how will works the 15 versus 15 mode :

Babylon is part of our massive 30-player mode where two teams battle over five different control points. Each point capture opens up a supply crate with special items to aid your team in battle.

We still does need to know if more game-types will be assigned to this map and to this game-mode but it remains interesting for the part of players hyped by large scale battles.

It is worth to add that they have linked a link to visualise more of Babylon, and it is for less really impressive in term of details.

Two hours later, another CrossfireX notification buzzed, but this time, it has a particulary good savor. In this third tweet, they went straight to the point that is specifically interest us : the CLASSIC mode. Unfortunaly, we did not receveid new informations concerning the other places we will frag on but we learnt that a map is not locked to Classic or Casual, some will indeed be available for both types of play.

Also, we did not have noticed any changes on Black Widow which is not a problem seeing how good it looked during the beta, and still have to play on it, but certain glitches such as the exploits to go over, outside and under the map may have been patched. We still hope being able to experience again some other unknown spots (that we will not leak here!) and discover new ones once the game is out.

Their third tweet of the day, and the fourth during this event was the extended Multiplayer Map trailer posted a day earlier by IGN.


On Friday the 27th August, they have decided to end the event and hyping us even a bit more with increasing the frequency they tweeted (about 1 hour against 2 the previous day) with revealing seven multiplayer characters : Logan, Marcus, Alexei, Reuben, and Vincent for Black List, David and John for Global Risk.

In addition to the seven characters mentioned above, they said us good bye with dropping even more pictures that you can browse at and this last message :

We're really excited to see all the hype about the game's release. We are planning to provide launch info at a later date, so stay tuned.

Even if we would have loved to see more, especially on the Classic side or being informed of some leaderboards, a ranked playlist, or even a clan system being available at launch, it was globally a good event and clearly one of their last chance to make a step in the right direction.

Still a huge thanks to Smilegate for being present during the Gamescom, the community has been more than patient so it definitively helped to find some serinity. As always, we hope and expect for a new contact with them as soon as possible. "Stay tuned".

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