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CFX Arena and it's focus

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Welcome to CFX Arena, the premier Crossfire X competitive community. Whether you want to become entertained by our videos, streams and podcasts, reading what's new on the Classic side of the game, or being involved at the center of the latests hot topics on our forums, you are at the right place.

We aspire to offer to the playerbase and more specifically the one running on the Classic mode (because that is the way this game is meant to be played competitively in our opinion) a centralized area for everything related to Crossfire X.

We also wish to give you the possibility to enjoy the game as soon it's out and for the years to come with only one unique account, here, all with maximizing the chances of it being successful by delivering a global support and a place to interact with each others since day 1. CFX Arena is aiming to provide news on a regular basis, live content such as streams and a radio, videos and replays from latests events, guides to get better, a forum to create links with the members, a place to book a coach or register yourself as one, and more!

What are you waiting to sign up and be part of this journey?


Note: If you have skills in writing (english), streaming, video and graphic editing, community managing (portugues and russian speakers are highly seeked!), marketing or any other abilities you would judge interesting to propose, and are interested to be involved with the project, please contact us.

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26. März 2021

Great !

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