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CFXA Clip Contest ($20)

Updated: Jun 20, 2021


We know how long the wait have been since the beta (and even before for some) but we want to believe that we should not be too far away from the release. There is still no official informations on when we will get more news concerning the arrival of CrossfireX so we wanted to prepare you a little something in order to help you patiently waiting.

Indeed, CFX Arena is opening it's first contest where any beta testers who have recorded in-game clips can participate and battle against each others in order to get rewarded by $20 and why not also starting to make links.

We understand that you could not played enough to get a good amount of clips so we want to offer you a maximum of liberty in your choice. Rules will consequently be very simples : Every videos are allowed as long as they are recorded in the Classic mode. Killstreaks, glitchs, funny moments or everything else are welcome!

To enter, please make sure to understand the modalities which are also very limited.

  • Create an account on to post your video in the medias section

  • Retweet the announce and follow our twitter account

On Thursday 10th (6pm UTC+1), the most voted author will be chosen and rewarded.

Good luck!


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