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Some news from the Crossfire devs

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, let us share our joy with you! After months without any news from Remedy and Smilegate (exept from a few messages from Crow here and there on Discord), we received a little something. Better late than never!

Indeed, Remedy which is developing the single-player for the long awaited CrossfireX, just posted their Q1 2021 Business Review. Even if it does not necessary have something to do with the competitive multiplayer experience that this website is willing to promote, this information still have an undirect link with the whole title so we could not let you uninformed.

The Crossfire team is finalizing the single-player operations for Smilegate’s CrossfireX and Crossfire HD. With both of these games launching in 2021, this is a significant year for Crossfire.

As some of us expected it, the delay is at least coming from the single-player part, which does not mean Smilegate finished their multi. They also could have took the opportunity to polish their work or also being short in time. We will not criticize Remedy for being late here. This post has been made before everything to keep you updated on the current state of the development, and we would have loved to write other ones during the process. Objectively, we share the very same opinion of Smilegate : Better wait the time needed and get the product they want to deliver than rush it. It's a fair trade for every parts.

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May 14, 2021

We are waiting for the release)

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