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v0.2.5 Update - What's new

Dear members,

The 0.2.5 version is here! We have continued to progress on the creation of the website and are still aiming to make it ready by the release of Crossfire X. There is obviously a lot to do but things are starting to take shape.

So, what is new?

  • The colors remain the same, we stay on the shades of a significantly pronunced grey-blueish basis with a touch of orange with strenghtening the white on different pages.

  • The Medias page has been completed with an Agenda to let you know about all the upcoming Streams, Showmatchs and live Podcasts.

  • The Event page makes it's apparition on the website, featuring a calendar to help you getting a better vision of the sheduled CFX Arena program and directly sign up on it. Other communities and Smilegate events may also be indicated. Upcoming and Past Events you or other members signed up for are also displayed on the Profile page.

  • The CFX Podcast page accessible throught the Medias one also been re-looked.

  • Profile pages took a 90° turn, the menu is now horizontal instead of vertical. A Wallet has been added to them for further features.

  • SEO

What can we hope for the next updates?

It really depends of what are your expectations, almost anything can be done. Today, we are planning to let teams have their owns space with the possibility to build a group and inviting other members in. We also want to give members the capacity to interact in a private way with each others by adding a message system showing online / offline status. The creation of group chats will be a part of this novelty. On top of that, our mobile version may be fully available before the v0.3.0.

We really hope you will appreciate the work done and are still and ever waiting for your suggestions or feedbacks.


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