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Welcome on board

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome on, your premier Crossfire X platform!

We are glad to see you interested in the project and hope to hear from you very soon. But as everywhere, you will be asked to respect some simple rules:

  • Racism, sexism, xenophobia, adult contents and threats will not be tolerated and will result to a permanent ban.

  • Politics is not welcome here.

  • What is sent to you in private messages by other members is meant to stay private, please keep it to yourself.

  • Alternate accounts or fake profils will be deleted if we have no way to verify it via your gamertag.

  • This board is including people with a wide range of skills level. Please ever be respectuous to the people with a lower level or beginners. But never forget the Tbag!

Any other things are authorised, you can feel free to post about your biggest shame at the college, what game you enjoyed the most, or your favorite food. Do not forget to present yourself, it's always a good thing to welcome and know more about new members.

The team


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